After disappearing for five years, detective Charlie Vargas returns to Los Angeles to avenge the death of his former partner. Along with White Chocolate, a young detective with a chip on his shoulder, the two enter a world of Black Magic, Zombies and Mexican Wrestling, in search of the infamous drug trafficker and murderer, Jimmy Vanilla.

Film Credits

Vasni Ramos
Vasni J. Ramos
José J. Ramallo
Vasni Ramos
Sergio G. Ramos
José J. Ramallo
Domingo Efegé
Sergio G. Ramos
José J. Ramallo
Jorge Galván
Victor Hubara
Carla Boricó

More Information

Voodoo Apocalypse Logo
Country: Spain
Language: English
Released:9 November 2020
Duration: 94 min
Genres: Action/Adventure Comedy Horror SciFi/Fantasy

Voodoo Apocalypse

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