LONDON UNPLUGGED – Ten shorts from emerging, diverse filmmakers unearth the struggles of modern Londoners

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“Strangely moving and tense. Wonderful central performances and beautifully put together”
Stephen Fry (on ‘Shopping’ London Unplugged Short #8)

10 shorts from emerging, diverse filmmakers unearth the
struggles of modern Londoners

“Stylish, offbeat and a little magical” Mark Kermode
(on ‘Dog Days’, London Unplugged’s opening short)


Juliet Stevenson, Imogen Stubbs, Poppy Miller, Ivanno Jeremiah, Bruce Payne

“Variously romantic…and magical” Total Film

London Unplugged, an anthology film about modern Londoners, comprises ten shorts of largely female-led stories from a talent pool of emerging filmmakers. The independent British film, which explores themes of isolation, asylum, unmanageable rents and identity, opens in select UK cinemas on the week of January 18 and will include special screenings with moderated filmmaker Q&As at Everyman Cinemas Crystal Palace and Muswell Hill.

The film was born at the London Film School, the brain child of alumna Qi Zhang, also one of the short’s directors, and Bafta-nominated producer, David Cohen. Zhang and Cohen resolved to create a tapestry of London as it is experienced right now; as one of the most expensive, extraordinary, extreme cities in the world.

Many of the stories derive from real world testimony, through extensive research with London frontline organisations; the Refugee Journalist Project, Migrant Resource Centre and Four Corners Film, the Bethnal Green filmmaking charity. This authenticity gives the film a sense of ‘London-as-lived’.

“Cheerfully diverse… A gratifying number of the tales are women-led” Sight & Sound

The film also showcases two adaptions by classic female authors when they were new, young voices struggling in London around the time of suffrage; Virginia Woolf’s ‘Kew Gardens’ and Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Pictures’. Eight of the short films’ directors are female.

Supervising director, Nicholas Cohen, curated the films with a journey from east to west London, threaded together by real-life aspiring athlete, Yourlance Bianca Richards, whose commentary addresses the questions facing every Londoner today; how do you find meaning or connection in this vast, costly city?

London Unplugged, which premiered at the East End Film Festival 2018, comprises ‘Dog Days’ (featuring Ivanno Jeremiah), ‘Felines’ (Juliet Stevenson), ‘Unchosen’ (Poppy Miller),‘Club Drunk’, ‘Mudan Blossom’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Little Sarah’s Big Adventure’, ‘Shopping’ (Bruce Payne), ‘The Door To’ and ‘Kew Gardens’ (Imogen Stubbs).

London Unplugged [Cert 15-tbc, running time 90 minutes] is released through Munro Films and will be showing in select cinemas from January 18. Screenings with Q&As will take place at Everyman Crystal Palace on January 24 and Everyman Muswell Hill on January 25.

For further information about the film and all forthcoming screenings, visit www.munrofilmservices or the film’s Facebook page at LondonUnpluggedfilm.

London Unplugged is a Psychology News Production in association with the Refugee Journalist Project, London Film School, Four Corners Film and the Migrant Resource Centre.


For further information, please contact Munro Films:
Jane Smith
+44 (0)1992 814621 +44 (0)7738 383299

Notes to editors:-


London Unplugged is a portmanteau exploration of disparate characters scattered across London. A refreshing take on the complexities, contradictions and compromises of modern living in the greatest city on Earth.

Segment directors: ‘Dog Days’ (George Taylor), ‘Felines’ (George Taylor), ‘Unchosen’ (Nicholas Cohen, Ben Jacobsen), ‘Club Drunk’ (Mitchell Crawford), ‘Mudan Blossom’ (Qi Zhang, Natalia Casali and Kaki Wong), ‘Pictures’ (Rosanna Lowe), ‘Little Sarah’s Big Adventure’ (Andrew Cryan), ‘Shopping’ (Layke Anderson), ‘The Door To’ (Andres Heger-Bratterud), ‘Kew Gardens’ (Nicholas Cohen) Interlink segments (Nicholas Cohen)

Segment Writers: George Taylor (Dog Days, Felines), Devorah Corona (Unchosen), Mitchell Crawford (Club Drunk), Qi Zhang, Natalia Casali, Kotryna Sniukaite (Mudan Blossoms), Katherine Mansfield ‘Pictures’ – original story – adaptation Rosanna Lowe, David Cohen,  Jane Kinninmont, Andrew Cryan (Little Sarah’s Big Adventure), Ryan Child (Shopping), Andres Heger-Bratterud (The Door To), Virginia Woolf ‘Kew Gardens’ – original story – adaptation Nicholas Cohen.

Supervising director and interlink concept: Nicholas Cohen. Based on an original concept by Qi Zhang and David Cohen.

About the Production

London Unplugged is an anthology of ten short films about modern Londoners. Supervising director and lead producer Nicholas Cohen (Eastenders, Doctors, The Reeds), a graduate of the BBC Drama Directors’ Academy, curated and executed the overall vision and production strategy. Student and alumni producers Qi Zhang (London Film School), Kotryna Sniukaite (Warwick University) and Nick Hopkins (University of East Anglia) helped bridge the gap between industry veterans and film students, whilst associate producer Emmie Castagno applied her award-winning short form sensibility from commercials and branded entertainment.

Executive producer David Cohen, who made the Bafta-nominated ITV special on the Soham murders and was executive producer of Menelik Shabazz’s critically-acclaimed feature, ‘Looking for Love’, brought his documentary rigour and experience to bear on the student writers and directors. Executive producer: Gareth Jones.

About London Film School (LFS)

Founded in 1956, LFS is one of the world’s longest established filmmaking school. The School is one of three Screenskills Film Academies and produces over 180 films a year via its Master’s Degree programmes. The LFS alumni are established in film and television production in over eighty countries, ranging from world-renowned filmmakers such as Michael Mann, Mike Leigh, Danny Huston, Elísabet Ronaldsdóttir, Iain Smith and Duncan Jones to writers David Thomson and Iain Sinclair and emerging talents including writer Gonzalo Maza, who won the prestigious Academy Award for ‘A Fantastic Woman’,  tutor Matthew Button, Academy nominated in 2018 for the animated feature ‘Loving Vincent’. 

About Four Corners

Four Corners is a centre for film and photography based in East London, which has supported learning, production and exhibition for over 40 years.

“Four Corners supports film makers from all different backgrounds and skillsets, because they are passionate about film as a vital, moving form of expression, comment and documentary. My most recent film could not have been made without Four Corners’ support and understanding of shifting schedules, changing needs, low budgets. I am very grateful for their enthusiasm, patience and flexibility.” Catherine Yass, Turner prize nominee 2002.

“After the Slade, my first cutting room was at Four Corners. There I would work, with an intensity I can recall vividly. I cannot know what I would be doing now had I not cemented my process, as I did, at Four Corners.” Tacita Dean, international artist and Turner Prize nominee 1998.

About Migrants Resource Centre

Migrants Resource Centre (MRC) has worked for over 30 years to help migrants, refugees and asylum seekers overcome the barriers that prevent them from fully participating in British society. In this time, they have helped tens of thousands of people secure protection in the UK, regularise their immigration status, learn English and find work. MRC helps people who are stateless and have other nationality issues, to secure a more certain future.

About Refugee Journalist Project

The Refugee Journalism Project supports refugee and exiled journalists to re-start their careers in the UK. It was founded in 2016 and since 2018, the project has been based exclusively at London College of Communication, part of the University of the Arts London. These journalists arrive in the UK with an impressive range of skills – many have been editors, correspondents and producers in their own countries – but they face significant barriers when they attempt to continue their journalism. The core aims are to help refugee journalists become better connected within the UK industry; increase their confidence and update their journalistic skills; and encourage more of their voices within the media to help address the mainstream bias on migrant issues.

About Munro Films

Launched in 2011, Munro Films brings award-winning and highly-acclaimed independent British and international films to UK and Irish cinema screens. This includes The Receptionist, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Bruce Parry’s Tawai – A Voice from the Forest, Q Magazine’s Best Film 2017 Bunch of Kunst (A Film about Sleaford Mods), Cobain: Montage of Heck, the BAFTA-nominated Northern Soul, Liv Ullmann’s Miss Julie, McLaren and the Academy-Award shortlisted The Fencer.