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“The Price of Desire helps ensure that Gray’s legacy is not only recognised but that her name is brought to prominence in a field that she helped transform” The Upcoming


The Price Of Desire is the controversial story of how the bisexual Irish artist’s Eileen Gray’s influential contribution to 20th century architecture and design was almost wiped from history by the egotistical ‘Father of Modernism’, Le Corbusier. The film unfolds how her relationship with philanderer Jean Badovici, editor of influential L’Architecture Vivante, and the man who made Le Corbusier famous, further fuelled the rift between the two architects, and consigned her legacy to a century of neglect and long-overdue recognition.

Set substantially on the Côte d’Azur in and around her most abiding work, the villa e1027, The Price of Desiree xplores the events surrounding Le Corbusier’s eventual erasure of both Gray’s physical ownership of the property as well as her intellectual property right to be recognised as the architect of her work.

A triangular tale of insidious chauvinism, The Price of Desire resonates as a universal female experience while cinematically evoking the essential aesthetic of Eileen Gray.

With Orla Brady as Eileen Gray, Vincent Perez as Le Corbusier, Francesco Scianna as Jean Badovici and Alanis Morissette as chanteuse, Marisa Damia.

Orla Brady received a nominated for Best Actress in the Irish Film & Television (IFTA) 2016 awards for her role as Eileen Gray in The Price of Desire.

Running time 1hr 49mins. Certificate – tbc. Released in the UK and Ireland from 27th May, 2016.

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